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Important: There is a Non-Refundable $200 Deposit. Please contact us for the full price of this litter of Goldendoodles.


Meet Belle,

Belle is an F1 Goldendoodle. She is 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle. Belle has some touchest of white on her, here and there. She has a white chest and a white chin. She should weigh between 50-60 lbs full grown. Belle loves to cuddle!

Her Parents are Georgia and Smokey

Georgia is an AKC  poodle weighing 50lbs and standing just at 18 inches. She has a beautiful deep black coat with merle undershades and a touch of white under her paws. She also has a touch of auburn/smoky brown around her face giving her uniquely beautiful markings. She comes from a brindle dam and a parti sire.

Georgia was bred to Smokey, our handsome AKC Golden Retriever. Georgia is always happy, she has the best attitude about life. She is a super friendly dog, as well as her companion Smokey. Smokey is a porch dog who just lives for his family and to play fetch with his tennis ball. Belle  will have some amazing qualities about her. She has had her vaccinations and is ready for her new home today! Reach out to ask more questions about her!

Belle- F1 Goldendoodles

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